ABA Trainin

We can provide the following training courses:  

Introduction to ABA- 1 day

This course is aimed at those supporting individuals with Autism, who may display behaviour which is challenging to support, and those with an interest in learning more about ABA methodology. The delivery of the course is a blend between powerpoint presentations, group discussions and practical exercises. The course aims for delegates to meet the following learning objectives

  • Be able to define the triad of impairment and be able to understand how Autism effects a child’s ability to learn
  • Understand the theoretical underpinnings of Applied Behaviour Analysis and how this can be used to teach children
  • Understand the 3 term contingency and give examples 
  • Define the term reinforcement, understand it’s value and how to identify reinforcers for children 
  • Learn about specific teaching methods used in ABA- discrete trial teaching, natural environment teaching, prompting, chaining 
  • Understand what the function of behaviour means and the need to adjust the way behaviour is supported depending on the function 
  • Identify the importance of measurement to evaluate the effectiveness of interventions

Bespoke Training 

We can offer training to meet your needs. Topics of previous bespoke training courses: 
  • Introduction to Autism
  • Increasing engagement and teaching skills 
  • Augmentative communication systems 

Please contact us to discuss your training needs 
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