School Consultation

How can ABA be used in schools?

ABA is for anyone who wants to improve, manage, or reduce behaviours, and a behaviour is any observable and measurable action, for that reason ABA can easily be applied to the classroom setting. ABA strategies can be used with any student displaying problem behaviours in the classroom. Examples of behaviours that can be targeted for reduction: Aggression, tantrums, attention seeking behaviours, inattentiveness, destructive behaviours, hyperactivity/ fidgety, difficulty transitioning, difficulty waiting. 

What can we offer schools?

We have lots of experience providing consultation direct to schools- pre-schools, primary & secondary both mainstream and specialist. We can offer the following services: 
  • For a specific child we can provide the same services as detailed under “ABA programmes” but within the school setting. We can also provide consultation for groups/ classes of children and advise on strategies that can be implemented with the group/ class
  • In both the examples above we can offer advise to a) increase a child’s skills in the areas of communication, play, social, self- help and academic and b) advise on decreasing behaviours that may be a barrier to learning, for example challenging behaviour, non- compliance, off- tasks behaviour. 
  • Hands on training/ coaching for school staff when utilising ABA methodology 
  • Group training sessions- Introduction to ABA, Introduction to Positive Behaviour Support, Autism, along with bespoke courses  

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