What is Positive Behaviour Support?

Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is a values driven, person-centred, multi-component framework. PBS combines the scientific understanding of behaviour from applied behaviour analysis (ABA), person centred approaches and social role valorisation. 

Why use Positive Behaviour Support? 

Positive behaviour support approaches have become established as the preferred approach when working with individuals with learning disabilities who exhibit behaviours described as challenging. This is now reflected in a significant body of authoritative guidance, including Positive and Proactive Care: reducing the need for restrictive interventions. (Department of Health 2014) British Psychological Society’s Guidelines (2004), the Joint Guidelines of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Psychological Society and the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (2007) and in Challenging behaviour and learning disabilities: prevention and interventions for people with learning disabilities whose behaviour challenges (National Institute for Heath and Care Excellence; NICE, 2015).
What can we offer?

For individuals we can offer:

  • Completion of a Functional Behaviour Assessment 
  • Development of a Behaviour Support Plan
  • Assist family/ staff to implement strategies contained within the Behaviour Support Plan 
  • Ongoing support to monitor, evaluate and change strategies contained within the Behaviour Support Plan

For services we can offer:

  • Assistance in rolling out a PBS framework within the service, identifying training needs and updating relevant policies and procedures to reflect PBS
  • Introducing the Periodic Service Review (PSR) as a tool to measure the effectiveness of the service and provide a model for staff training and performance management  
  • See Training section for what training we can offer your service 

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