Parent Consultation 

Do you have a child with Autism and are interested in ABA but don’t want a formal programme with therapists working with your child? 

Do you have a typically developing child with no diagnosis but has difficulty in certain areas?

We can offer consultation direct to parents to give you strategies to help your child in specific areas. Common issues we offer consultation on: 
  • Challenging behaviour- does your child engage in tantrums? Do you struggle to know how to calm your child down? Do they appear to get annoyed often and are likely to hit out?
  • Independent play skills- does your child appear to not know how to occupy their free time at home? Do they get “stuck” on certain toys/ activities and your unsure how to broaden their interest?
  • Sleeping- does your child frequently wake up through the night and struggles to get back to sleep? Does your child refuse to go to sleep or sleep in their own bed? 
  • Eating- does your child refuse to eat a balanced diet or try new foods? Have mealtimes become a battle?  
  • Social skills- Does your child struggle to make friends or talk to their peers? Do they have difficulty sharing or turn taking? 

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